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  • The Rumpus reviewed Gregory Randall’s To Have Been There Then! Read the review, by Kelly Lynn Thomas, here!
  • To Have Been There Then book launch announced! Join us for an evening with author Gregory Randall and his mother and translator Margaret Randall as we celebrate the release of this incredible new work. Read an excerpt here, some reflections and praise here, and the invite here!
  • Issue 111 of BOOG CITY contains new poetry by Davy Knittle, an interview with Jeff Kirby by OS Managing Editor Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, and a review of Mark Gurarie’s Everybody’s Automat by Holly Rice. Explore the issue here!
  • As we get ready for the release of his hybrid poetry / graphic novel The Science of Things Familiar, [order here!] check out some of Johnny Damm’s newest work in EntropyDrunken Boatand Poetry.
  • “Instructions Within,” the new parallel text Arabic-English translation of persecuted Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh’s 2008 volume of poems was released on 11/1, to this review from Publisher’s Weekly as well as an article about the book and the OS’s Unsilenced Texts series in PW News, here. Order this seminal book directly from the OS today!
  • Our entire 2017 catalog of forthcoming books (as well as some 2018 titles) are available for pre-order or subscription!
  • Congratulations to Dan Trueman, winner of 2016 Bessie Award for Outstanding Musical Composition/Sound Design for his contributions to There Might Be Others, in collaboration with So Percussion and Mobius Percussion! The New York Dance & Performance Awards, or “Bessies,” recognize outstanding and groundbreaking creative work by independent dance artists in NYC. Listen to ‘THERE MIGHT BE OTHERS’ collaborators, choreographer Rebecca Lazier and composer Dan Trueman on WNYC/NPR’s “New Sounds” with John Schaefer — and buy our beautiful open source score here!

Want to explore our archives? Here’s some examples of what you can find in our original online content:


Running continuously since our inception, this series offers creative practitioners from all disciplines an opportunity to take us behind the scenes. This can be approached in a vast variety of ways and in a multitude of forms: from the direct documentation of work, activity, production, place, conversation, etc., in text, photo, video, audio, etc. Previous entries have included composers, scientists, visual artists, choreographers, poets, journalists, and more.


As its name might suggest, this series seeks to create value in doing “recon” in conversation form around the production of otherwise ephemeral creative production. How can we, in our role as auto-archivist-ontologist-documentarians, leave a trail for ourselves and for others that exceeds and extends the value of a performance, exhibit, lecture, reading, or other event? This is a space for solo or collaborative interview, conversation, annotation, reflection, or other expository exploration of the research, development, production, (etc) aspects of the creative process.


 2016 will be the 5th year of our wildly popular poetry month series, an annual celebration which runs every day during April and hosts a poet talking about another poet’s influence on their life and work. We’ve had a handful of return contributors but each entry highlights a unique poet — we’ll have an archive of 150 essays on a wide variety of poets and their influence on others in the creative community by the end of the 2016 series!


One of our earliest efforts, this series seeks to shine light on innovators and creative forces — individual or collective — from across the disciplines and, importantly, across the globe, who are modeling behaviors from which we, as creative practitioners, can learn. These archives include interviews curators, theater artists, musicians, innovative educators, 100,000 Poets for Change organizers on every continent. and more.

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