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Archives for March, 2012:

Necessarily Sō : A Sō Percussion John Cage Celebration | American Mavericks Festival, 3.26.12

CoCo Online POETRY MONTH PROJECT: 30 posts, 30 poets, 30 days: call for participants!

Community CoCo: GOWANUS: Poetry, Audio Production: Bill Considine, Cosmo D, Ambrose Bye

A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: CA Conrad, Animation by Luca Dipierro

Exit Strata is very pleased to preview for you the darkly whimsical, wonderful animation Luca Dipierro made in collaboration with Philadelphia's friend to poets everywhere, CA Conrad, in celebration o ...


Big Bang Theory / Open Call for Multimedia and hybrid/digital/cross genre work

Internet Treasure Hunting: FLAME – Waldman/Bye

Waldman/Bye word/sound/video collaboration, FLAME, based on Aristophenes' Speech on Love, from Plato's Symposium


Artist: Kate Fire

Artist: Leah Matthews

Artist: Kevin William Reed

Artist: John McLane