The Operating System



The Operating System is 100% committed to transparency in our practices — our infrastructure has been built for community use and is modeled as a collaborative publishing economy. We will never charge fees for contests or reading submissions. We have an open door policy for editorial / imprint initiatives and proposals, and are committed to Open Source skill and information sharing with authors, colleagues, and other organizations.

Here you will find:

  • a basic onboarding / terms document which covers most information about publishing agreements with the OS, as well as a break down of how the finances of distribution, etc., work.
  • Book Marketing Orientation document giving authors some guidance about how to market themselves and also discussing in more detail how the OS will work with you to get your book out there
  • planning events or a book tour? check out this list of bookstores in the US and Canada. also: bookstores get TONS of emails from presses! if you’d like these folks to carry your book, sending an email yourself is a great way to get that to happen!
  • looking for review outlets? the Poets & Writers database is an awesome resource! we will send announcements about your book to a range of publications, but the best way to get noticed is for you to work with your publisher (whether the OS or someone else) on contacting places that are a good match for your book in a more individual way than our press releases! small presses like ours don’t have the bandwidth to send personal emails to all possible reviewers, but you can!
  • How Do I Get Published” — poet, professor, and altogether kickass human Natalie Eilbert put together this terrific doc for her students and encouraged us to share it here with you. Great tips, much needed levity.
  • We also HIGHLY suggest you read this list of “10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing,” compiled by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, in 2016. These are essential statistics about the current state of the industry that any author should be familiar with as you enter into the next phase of your publishing and writing life, especially if this is your first book.