Kelly Martinez-Grandal (tr. Margaret Randall)

Kelly Martinez-Grandal (Cuba, 1980). Poet, essayist, editor and curator of photography. In 1993 her family left their home in Cuba for a new life in Venezuela. There she was awarded a Bachelor Degree in Art History from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), where she subsequently completed the Master Degree Program in Comparative Literature. Her time at UCV was not limited to her years as student. Upon her graduation, Martinez-Grandal was invited to join the Faculty at the School of Arts. After the escalation of the political crisis in Venezuela, she found herself forced to migrate to Miami, in 2014. Currently, she is part of the Board of Directors of Funcionarte, a non-profit organization aimed to educate on gender violence through literature and arts as a means to empower survivors of domestic violence. Most recently, in 2017 she published Medulla Oblongata (CAAW Ediciones), her first poetry collection. Her work has been included in many anthologies, being the most important 100 mujeres contra la violencia de género (Fudavag Editores, 2014) and Aquí [Ellas] en Miami, Katakana Editores, 2018. Last year she also coordinated and edited Todas las mujeres (fulanas y menganas), a collaboration between Funcionarte Corp and CAAW Ediciones. ------ Margaret Randall (New York, 1936) is a poet, essayist, oral historian, translator, photographer and social activist. She lived in Latin America for 23 years (in Mexico, Cuba, and Nicaragua). From 1962 to 1969 she and Mexican poet Sergio Mondragón co-edited EL CORNO EMPLUMADO / THE PLUMED HORN, a bilingual literary quarterly that published some of the best new work of the sixties. When she came home in 1984, the government ordered her deported because it found some of her writing to be “against the good order and happiness of the United States”. With the support of many writers and others, she won her case in 1989. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, she taught at several universities, most often Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Randall’s most recent poetry titles include AS IF THE EMPTY CHAIR / COMO SI LA SILLA VACIA, THE RHIZOME AS A FIELD OF BROKEN BONES, ABOUT LITTLE CHARLIE LINDBERGH, SHE BECOMES TIME, and THE MORNING AFTER: POETRY & PROSE IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD (all from Wings Press). CHE ON MY MIND (a feminist poet’s reminiscence of Che Guevara, published by Duke University Press), and MORE THAN THINGS (essays, from The University of Nebraska Press) are other recent titles. HAYDEE SANTAMARIA, CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY: SHE LED BY TRANSGRESSION was released by Duke in 2015. EXPORTING REVOLUTION: CUBA’S GLOBAL SOLIDARITY was published by Duke in 2017. Two of Randall’s photographs are in the Capitol Art Collection in Santa Fe. She has also devoted herself to translation, producing WHEN RAINS BECOME FLOODS by Lurgio Galván Sánchez and ONLY THE ROAD / SOLO EL CAMINO, an anthology of eight decades of Cuban poetry (both also published by Duke). Red Mountain Press in Santa Fe and The Operating System in Brooklyn have brought out her translations of individual Cuban poets. Randall received the 2017 Medalla al Mérito Literario, awarded by Literatura en el Bravo in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. In 2018 her Time's Language: Selected Poems 1959-2018 came out from Wings Press in a special 450-page hardcover edition complete with chronology and photographs. (All Wings Press books are distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers Group.) Randall's web page is She lives in Albuquerque with her partner (now wife) of more than 32 years, the painter Barbara Byers, and travels extensively to read, lecture and teach.

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