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Editorial: LEVEL UP! Gratitude, Growth and Other Goings On in the Exit Strata-sphere

POETRY MONTH 30/30/30 : Inspiration, Community, Tradition : DAY 5 :: Caits Meissner on Adam Falkner

Poetry Month 30/30/30: Inspiration, Community, Tradition: DAY 3 :: Bill Considine on Elinor Nauen

POETRY MONTH 30/30/30: Inspiration, Community, Tradition :: DAY 2: Pete Reilly on Mary Oliver

Necessarily Sō : A Sō Percussion John Cage Celebration | American Mavericks Festival, 3.26.12

CoCo Online POETRY MONTH PROJECT: 30 posts, 30 poets, 30 days: call for participants!

Community CoCo: GOWANUS: Poetry, Audio Production: Bill Considine, Cosmo D, Ambrose Bye

Big Bang Theory / Open Call for Multimedia and hybrid/digital/cross genre work

Internet Treasure Hunting: FLAME – Waldman/Bye

Waldman/Bye word/sound/video collaboration, FLAME, based on Aristophenes' Speech on Love, from Plato's Symposium


Resources + Lifehacks: do your own damn letterpress