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Journalism That Matters: The Diversity Principle

Post #5 of my series on journalism is now up. Navigating Through Uncertainty: The Diversity Principle Innovation demands diversity, using our differences creatively. ======= Read the other posts in this series: What do we need from journalism? An expanded purpose for … Continue reading


Journalism That Matters: The Engagement Principle

Post #4 in my journalism series is available: Journalism for Navigating through Uncertainty: The Engagement Principle Engagement increases respect, appreciation, and partnership between journalists and communities.


Journalism That Matters: The Possibility Principle

This next post in my journalism series, Journalism for Navigating Uncertainty: The Possibility Principle is getting to the heart of where my work in system change and my work with journalism really overlaps! Check it out. From JTM’s Pacific Northwest … Continue reading


Journalism That Matters: What’s Possible Now?

After years of working with journalists through Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit that I co-founded with three career journalists, I’m finally offering my perspective on what’s possible in the emerging news and information ecosystem. Check it out: What do we … Continue reading