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As we grow, we’re in the process of strengthening alliances in collaboration — bringing our publication model into other organizations, rather than forcing them to reinvent the wheel.
Sharing resources, training, and systems. (That’s the OS way!)

BOWERY POETRY, established 2017

The Operating System is pleased to announce the new Bowery Poetry imprint,
in collaboration with Bowery Arts + Science,
a series beginning with An Exercise in Necromancy, by Patrick Roche.
Stay tuned for more titles!
Bowery Poetry is a project of Bowery Arts+Science, a 501(c)3 non-profit in New York City, USA. Our mission is to encourage cooperation among and advancement of artists and cultural workers; to develop and produce works by emerging poets and performers; and to promote the exploration, improvement, and advancement of the arts as a changemaking force in society.
Bowery Poetry’s Chapbook Slam is an annual competition where poets face off at Bowery Slam for a chance to have their work published. Patrick Roche is the Chapbook Slam’s first winner.
Congratulations Patrick!