Join co-facilitators Janice Lee and Elæ for a six-week workshop interrogating the speculative potentialities of post-capital futures, imagined through the lens of assemblage: an introduction to a processual worldview that positions the possible within a nonlinear density of dialogue across human and non-human species, intelligences, and stories. Utilizing shared interdisciplinary practices and healing methodologies, and drawing from a wide range of media, our co-facilitators will lead participants through embodied/somatic, co-creative/generative, and investigatory exercises in the service of a making that not only envisions but lays the groundwork for personal and structural change. 


Weekly on Zoom, Thursdays 7:30 EST
Six Sessions, Beginning July 23

About the Co-Facilitators:

JANICE LEE is a Korean-American writer, editor, publisher, and shamanic healer. She is the author of 7 books of fiction, creative nonfiction & poetry, most recently: The Sky Isn’t Blue (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2016), Imagine a Death (The Operating System, 2021), and Separation Anxiety (CLASH Books, 2022). She writes about interspecies communication, plants & personhood, the filmic long take, slowness, the apocalypse, architectural spaces, inherited trauma, and the concept of han in Korean culture, and asks the question, how do we hold space open while maintaining intimacy? She combines shamanic and energetic healing with plant & animal medicine and teaches workshops on inherited trauma, healing, and plant/mushroom thinking. She is Founder & Executive Editor of Entropy, Co-Publisher at Civil Coping Mechanisms, and Co-Founder of The Accomplices LLC. She currently lives in Portland, OR where she is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Portland State University. https://janicel.com

ELÆ [LYNNE DESILVA-JOHNSON] is a multimodal creator, scholar and amateur mycologist, addressing intersections between bodies, language, technology, and system change. Recent and forthcoming features include Tagvverk, Urgent Possibilities – Writings on Feminist Poetics & Emergent Pedagogies, Big Echo, Vestiges, Matters of Feminist Practice, Choice Words: Writers on Abortion, &Now, Ars Electronica / STWST, Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival, Performing Knowledge at the Segal Center Theater and The Exponential Festival. They teach at Pratt Institute, and are Founder/Creative Director of The Operating System & Liminal Lab. A door via IG @thetroublewithbartleby, or web: http://onlywhatican.net


Liminal Lab is committed to providing a source of income for our collaborators and facilitators in an increasingly precarious time for culture workers and educators. However, no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds. We ask that those who can pay the suggested price, and/or help cover the cost of scholarship slots in each of our programs by sponsoring other participants. 

  • Compare the below to the cost for a similar accredited workshop in a university setting (where most of the $$$ goes to institutional bloat):  $1500  — we show you this so we can begin to think about wtf is happening in our institutions, where both students and faculty get the short end of the stick.
  • At a standard “Market Rate,” at arts orgs: $400-500*
  • Recommended Sliding Scale: $40-60/session → $240-360 for the series
  • Precarity Pricing: $10-30/session
  • Barter / Volunteer / No Cost Option Available 
  • Sponsorship: You may sponsor low or no fee participants in this workshop with a donation of any size.*if you have the funds to afford the “Market Rate,” we encourage you to support this facilitator by donating at that level, which will also support other students in this course who are unable to pay.

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