A Message from the OS about our Projects and Publications

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your interest in our recent and forthcoming projects! We are a decentralized operation with agile operators all over the world, and we represent over 150 works to date. We can no longer handle the scale of maintaining stock of all our past titles, and no longer ship most of our back catalog directly from the OS. Instead, our current labors are focused on supporting our community directly through resources and opportunities for ongoing employment / earning / mutual aid / learning through our Liminal Lab initiative, and for building tools and resources for autonomous, sustainable creative practice, solidarity, and mutual aid.

On this page, you are able to preorder any forthcoming titles directly from the OS. For all other projects, you can find information as well as PDFs for both recent releases and our full back catalog at the OS Open Access Library, entirely by donation. Navigate through the library to order print copies of books that have already been released on any title listing, or head directly to our Bookshop storefront.

ONWARD, Humans.

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