The establishment of discrete imprints at the Operating System is a way in which we make areas central to our mission especially concrete and visible. While all our publications are in keeping with our broader mission, through our in-house imprints we hold dedicated space for collaborators, communities, and projects that bear to benefit most from a re-centering within the larger canon or publishing / literary community.

We currently have two in-house Imprints:



Glossarium: Unsilenced Texts and Modern Translations was established in early 2016 in an effort to recover silenced voices outside and beyond the familiar poetic canon, seeking out and publishing both contemporary translations and little known (and unknown) out of print texts, in particular those under siege by restrictive regimes and silencing practices in their home (or adoptive) countries. The term “Glossarium” derives from latin/greek and is defined as “a collection of glosses or explanations of words, especially of words not in general use, as those of a dialect, locality or an art or science, or of particular words used by an old or a foreign author.” The series is curated by Managing Editor Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, with the help of many global allies, collaborators and friends. Find out more about this imprint and its titles here.



Since our inception, it has always been an underlying goal of the OS to highlight and encourage the work of creative collaborators across the gender and sexuality spectrum–specifically, for all creative practitioners under the transgender umbrella, as well as nonbinary, genderfluid, pangender, two-spirit, agender and all other gender non conforming persons. With the KIN(D) imprint, established in 2018, we are bringing this work to the foreground, with a dedication to holding at least 25% or more of our annual catalog for KIN(D) titles. All KIN(D) titles before 2018 will be retroactively categorized under this imprint.

As we grow, we’re in the process of strengthening alliances in collaboration — bringing our publication model into other organizations, rather than forcing them to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, these alliances will manifest as Partnership Imprints. Sharing resources, training, and systems. (That’s the OS way!)

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