Ecosomatic Practices for Living and Dying on a Damaged Earth with Olive Bieringa

[a 6-week online program; Tuesdays starting 3/16, 10-12 am CET / 8pm AEDT & asynchronously]

{BodyCartography’s Resisting Extinction, performer Sigrid Vesaas.}
photo: Olive Bieringa

Workshop Description:

In this series we will share a practices for living, dying and decomposing to help us perceive more of the whole scale of the sensitivities and intelligences within us, the human and non-human, the transforming spaces, the before and after? We will use with the somatic approach of Body-Mind Centering(r) which uses scientific research as a point of departure and offers ranges of phenomenological knowledge that in many cases science has no pathway to. These are practices Body Cartography is researching for a new performance work, Resisting Extinction.

This class is for anyone and everybody interested in movement, the body and consciousness irregardless of experience. It does not require any special skills, and welcomes disabled and other bodies often sidelined from these offerings. Also note that this program is given with an awareness of the limitations of home / personal spaces; the work adapts as needed to your environment.


This program’s facilitator, Olive, is based on Oslo and many participants are based in the EU, NZ, and AUS — for folks in PST or EST or other timezones that make taking this workshop challenging, all materials can be provided asynchronously and you will be in direct contact with the facilitator who can support your work in and through the workshop. If you are interested working asynchronously or in a future program scheduled more explicitly for participation across the Americas you can sign up at whatever level through the registration below (or at the no-fee option, just entering your information) and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Olive Bieringa is a dance, performance and visual artist working at the intersection of social and creative practice, pedagogy, and healing. She is a teacher, and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering and a program director of Somatic Education Australasia.  She collaborates with Otto Ramstad as the BodyCartography Project whose mission is  to engage with the vital materiality of our bodies and minds to create live performance that facilitates a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence.  BodyCartography’s  work has been presented by Oslo Kommune, Oslo International Theater Festival, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Weisman Art Museum, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Performance Space 122, NYC, Lyon Opera Ballet amongst other contexts and lives in the collection of the Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum of New Zealand.


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