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Glossarium: Unsilenced Texts

Street Gloss

In this experimental translingual work, Brent Armendinger follows the work of five contemporary Argentinian poets into the streets of Buenos Aires, attempting to map the ways a word might be an echo of the city itself. Interested in the surface areas of language and the generative potential of failure in translation, the author follows a set of procedures oriented simultaneously in the lines as well as in the streets of the city, gathering impressions, associations, and language through unpredictable encounters with the place and its inhabitants. Notes from these encounters appear interlaced, here, between the original poems in Spanish and their translations. Featuring poems by Alejandro Méndez, Mercedes Roffé, Fabián Casas, Néstor Perlongher, and Diana Bellessi, and artwork by Alpe Romero.

About the Contributor(s)

Brent Armendinger was born in Warsaw, NY, and studied at Bard College and the University of Michigan, where he received an Avery Hopwood Award in Poetry. In addition to Street Gloss, Brent is the author of The Ghost in Us Was Multiplying (Noemi Press, 2015), a finalist for the California Book Award in Poetry, and two chapbooks, Undetectable (New Michigan Press, 2009) and Archipelago (Noemi Press, 2009). His poems and translations have appeared in many journals, including Anomaly, Asymptote, Aufgabe, Bloom, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Ghost Proposal, Hayden's Ferry Review, LIT, Puerto del Sol, Volt, and Web Conjunctions. He is a recipient of residencies from Blue Mountain Center and Headlands Center for the Arts. Brent teaches creative writing at Pitzer College and lives in Los Angeles.

Alpe Romero was born in 1971 in Buenos Aires. Alpe's drawings are grounded in improvisation, the relationship between fiction and reality, and the ephemeral nature of time and movement. His work has appeared in exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Marseille, France, and his drawings were included in Mañana Agua, published by Random Ediciones in 2012. You can find him on IG @romeroalpe.

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