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Announcing: CO-CO IN CONCERT:: Exit Strata and Home Audio present : Infinite Combinatoriality vs. Animal Language:: July 26th, 2012, Brooklyn NY

Exit Strata is VERY excited to invite you along on a new (ad)venture, as we team up with the Avant-Classical/Experimental concert series Home Audio to co-curate these monthly evenings of sound and music collaboration.
For our first evening together, we tackle
Infinite Combinatoriality vs. Animal Language, or simply, HUMANS VS ANIMALS
which will take place on July 26th, at 141 Spencer Street, #203, Brooklyn NY.
(Doors at 7)
Your hosts for the evening will be Mara Mayer, founder of Home Audio, and Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Exit Strata Editor.
What can I expect?
Well: A concert-contest between words and music, in which the lines between instrument, voice, word, sound, animal, and human are blurred. A collaborative, experimental space in which the lines between performer and audience may blur, as well.
What makes human communication different from that of animals?
We can never run out of new combinations of words to say whatever we want, right (infinite combinatoriality)?  Whereas animalsare limited to sounding the equivalent of a few words, like monkeys who produce different vocal alarms for different predators such as BIRD!  vs SNAKE!  (Ok, unless you’re a dolphin, but they’re aliens anyway so that’s a separate debate.)
Where does music fit in?  Is music closer to animal communication because musical sounds don’t [strictly] convey meaning?  What does this imply about the evolution of music?  Did it predate language?  Come to this iteration of Home Audio to find out!  All the answers in the fields of linguistics, cognition, and neuroethology are revealed in one night only!
Animal costumes (or other creative attire) strongly encouraged.
Our evening will feature 5 musical sets, 4 word-workers, and visual projections.
Home Audio Presents: musicians
Men Are Just Desserts, with Jason Anastasoff, bass, an improvisational duo of bromantic proportions.
[Here’s an article about Jason, of Prom Night Records]
Jesske-Areni is Areni Agbabian, vocals, and Jesske Hume, electric bass.
[Check out their unique brand of ambient at]
Flin van Hemmen, solo percussion.
[I’m sure there will be some wonderful surprises:]
Adam Matthes, viola, gives it to you straight up hardcore new music style with a set including:
Andrew Colella: Sketches (2006)
Adam Matthes: Elegy for the Vidiot (2011)
Ryan Brown: Three Preludes (2003)
Iannis Xenakis: Embellie (1981)
Mara Mayer, clarinet, most likely will play two short pieces by Evan Ziporyn.
Exit Strata presents
words from:
Peter Milne Greiner,  poet and co-creator of DrunknSailor, an ensemble reading series and maker of event-specific publications. Peter is also a staff writer for His interests include astrophysics and ekphrasis.
Filip Marinovich, author of Zero Readership (UDP 2008) and And If You Don’t Go Crazy I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow (UDP 2011). He wrote and directed the plays Skin Around The Earth, Throne Room Snow, and The Karma Bookshop for his theater company Comet Party. His work has been published in Brooklyn Rail, EOAGH, Aufgabe, Village Zendo Journal, and 6×6. He is a poet living on earth for the moment.
other readers TBA
multimedia projections from:
Lauren Tallulah Klotzman , poet and visual artist (and recent rhizomatic entry to the Exit Strata community via our Naropa SWP artery). Lauren’s work draws from ethnographic, psychoanalytic, art historical, and poetic thinking. Recent projects include LIFE QUESTIONS HERSELF SO AT ME, described as “a poetic, textual, curatorial, and documentary portrait of both distance and intimacy, of eroticism and the everyday, of estrangement and similitude”  at the Red Space Gallery in Austin, TX, and a video feature on DESTROYER Magazine online.

Her work is at once serious and humorous, and often includes appropriation from a range of media (and sound, though we will not be using those for this evening). For now, enjoy her great mashup of bas jan ader’s “i’m too sad to tell you” (1971) and mariah carey’s “we belong together” (2005).
We hope to see you there!
If you’re on facebook, you can rsvp here:
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