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Ripe For Pleasure on Mysterious Mountain – TRAILER from Bride of Fire on Vimeo.

  “The mountains got tired / Of sitting amongst a sleeping audience”           – Hafiz

Awesome Creators : Heliopolis Project continues to inspire with DO IT AWAKE!, a collaboratory multimedia installation featuring interdisciplinary artists Emma Corrall, Mollie McKinley, and Eliza Swann. Traversing boundaries of medium and materiality, representation and embodiment, addressing spirituality, sustainability, and consciousness, the artists presenting DO IT AWAKE! provide us not with product but with model, with expansive vocabularies and methodologies for reconciling our selves and our work to each other and to our world.
From Eliza Swann:

The notion that the earth is not an endless supply of raw materials has contributed to recent developments in sustainability, which take into account symbiosis and the conscientious handling of energy and material. The magician sees the universe as a living being, it’s visible appearance veiling the real nature of it’s co-creative energy. The artists included in “Do It Awake!” invoke primal elements and energies, the forces of nature and of the irrational, and dedicate their process to the sensory experience of the living body. Anthroposophy and the integration of spiritual aspects of the natural sciences as well as the expansion of these insights into philosophy can be experienced in the holistic and openly experimental approach to the artists’ chosen mediums.

We are excited to take this opportunity to introduce the Exit Strata community to Swann, one of the creators who have been selected for cross-platform publication linking the upcoming Exit Strata PRINT! vol. 2 with live, multimedia content on the web. As always, we hope via these introductions to support the work of contemporary arts — as well as to inspire you! What excites us most about Swann’s work is the potential for iterative play, collaboratory inspiration, and creative dialogue. This work can also be instructive for any of us seeking to expand our material horizons, offering new avenues for the inclusion of other media, documentation, and embodiment.
An artist working primarily with process based choreography, video, and sound, Swann created the piece “Ripe for Pleasure on Mysterious Mountain” as a short video work, video stills, and a booklet of performance scripts — which were in turn derived from various somatic exercises she wrote for a troupe of dancers, herself, and a cinematographer to perform as they climbed a mountain.  (We can’t help thinking she and CA Conrad would be fast friends!)
As she explains, “the purpose of this exercise was manifold – to examine the trace of our body on the Earth, as well as the chronological gap between action and image. To metaphorize the relationship between the body and nature and record the unavoidable fact of human impact in the natural world. To explore the limits and boundaries for both an ontology of performance and the conceptualization of it’s relationship to environment. To erase and re-write our identities. To cross the bridge between heaven and Earth. We climbed the mountain to read out the rules and to break them. We climbed the mountain to climb a mountain.”
DO IT AWAKE! (on Mysterious Mountain) ::
Emma Corrall, Mollie McKinley, and Eliza Swann
154 Huron St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Opening : September 5, 7 – 10 pm

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