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On this page you will find FIELD PRACTICES for online and on-site engagement in tandem with the [move_semantics]:LAB’s current installation, Rules of Unfolding, at EFA Project Space in New York City (3/27-5/1, by appointment).

About [move_semantics]:LAB

[move_semantics]:LAB is a project facilitated by Elæ Moss and Jeff Kasper. It takes its name from a feature in programming language that allows you to create an efficient workaround to counter the detritus of “temporary objects,” (here, redundant code). As a speculative collective and space of experimentation both in physical and virtual space, their project turns a critical eye on the invented, temporary semantic objects of human experience, proposing a breakdown of the structures both material and ontological that prevent the collective building of reparative, just, biophilic futures.

The LAB brings together practitioners across fields and media to ask, together, “how must our practices, our institutions, our networks, our spaces, and our infrastructures radically change in order to survive, live together, communicate, and plant (or provide) the seeds to ensure a future beyond the Capitalocene?”

For our current installation at EFA Project Space, [move_semantics]: Rules of Unfolding, the LAB specifically looks to trouble the potentialities of organisms and intelligences across systems––seeking out and proposing strategic futures while reflexively considering the formation of the site of this inquiry itself. The exhibition reimagines EFA Project Space as laboratory, troubling these conceptual possibilities as a shared frame for translating and forecasting the intersecting roles of biome, body, built environment, media, and machine.

These themes extend beyond the gallery experience into online events taking place throughout the show, a virtual exhibition space and archive which will evolve over the course of Rules of Unfolding‘s installation, into public participation through the FIELD GUIDE prompts and experiments you find here, and into future events and publications.

Critically, [move_semantics]:LAB bridges physical and virtual space, with a core intention of re-imagining curatorial, institutional, and archival possibilities for public activation and futurecasting. Here, the curators offer further reconsideration and re/presentation of the Lab’s strategies in the framework of the public health crisis transforming our landscape, speculating on the adaptive evolution offered to culture work by this profound moment.


Check back frequently! Prompts, Scores, Protocols & Experiments from our Curators, Artists & Collaborators will be aggregated here during the show and beyond.

[MS]:RU Wayfinding Legend [Download PDF] – Rules of Unfolding utilizes visual language from The Noun Project to group and connect the themes linking our participating artists and projects.  These icons are just a handful of the millions of graphics in this massive database, contributed by designers worldwide in a collective effort to build a global visual language to aid in communications and unified future projects. How might you incorporate wayfinding via visual language into your communications or projects? What does a graphic-oriented mode of communication offer in different industries, on a range of platforms, in different settings, and for different bodies and minds?

[MS]:RU >>> SEDIMENTATION : Field/Work Prompts & Questions [Download PDF] – This set of questions offers both general and themed prompts for further thinking, writing, and discussion, drawn from Rules of Unfolding and the work / practitioners featured.

Elæ Moss

– Re/Orientation Field Materials:ALLIES: Co-operative Thinking, Making & Being with Plant, Animal, Fungi, Media, Material & Machine [Download PDF]

-Intermedia Prompts & Resources for Exploration (from ALTER/ALTAR: Animal, Anarchy, Alchemy, Archive, 2020)

– Polyphonic Intersubjectivities – Sample Prompts & Resources (from Polyphonic Intersubjectivities: Mycelial Assemblage Beyond the Capitalocene, 2020) [Download PDF]

Jeff Kasper

– Crip Time, Crip Space, Crip Scene: Study Guide and Prompts [Download PDF]

Mafe Izaguirre

– Hybrid Feelings Zine / Coloring Book [Download PDF]
– A Hybrid Meditation
[Download PDF]

Scarlet Dame

– Synthetic Identity Prompts [Download PDF]
– Synthetic Identity: Narrative Resonance:

Use a mobile device to send SMS / text messages to (843) 507-5383 to interact with a synthetic identity algorithm designed by Dame to learn from and converse with your inputs. Tip: the richer the input, the richer the response! Play with found text and different types of language to watch it evolve.

New York Mycological Society (provided by chapter President Tom Bigelow)


Alán Peláez Lopez – Historia Futura / Future Story (download pdf)

Crip Technoscience Manifesto read by Kelly Fritsch and Aimi Hamraie

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the 21st Century by Sara Luterman (Plain language translation – includes a plain language translation of the Radical Visibility Manifesto by participating artist Sky Cubacub

Listen to / Watch Sky read the full original manifesto aloud here

Radical Visibility: A QueerCrip Dress Manifesto by Sky Cubacub, April 22, 2015 from Rebirth Garments on Vimeo.

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