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In this weekly [RE:CON]VERSATION series-within-a-series, thought leader and strategist Jennifer Sertl brings us #REFLECTIONS : a curated list of links mined from her substantive, expansive social technology practice. These resources span geographic and disciplinary bounds to identify sources of guidance and resilience that promise to be of use as we grow in our personal and community behaviors, seeking creative and professional evolution. 

In today’s post, she reminds us all to take a moment for our own #recalibration – to honor ourselves with the sort of diligent self-care that we make time for with our belongings.  A call to simplification, a call to focus on energy management, a call to let go, a reminder to make space for conversation in the wake of technological immediacy, a hug and a nudge… we’re all in need of a moment to pause and reflect. May today’s resources aid us all in finding that elusive balance, so that we may do our best work. ONWARD!

For more about Jennifer and this series, you can begin with the series introduction here.

Believe it or not, we are half way through 2013. Our computers need to reboot, our cars need oil changes, our mobile devices need to be charged. We, on the other hand, have to create mental designs to ensure we take the time to pause, reflect, and interrogate our assumptions.

Charles DuBois says “ the important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
That is why I chose this image ~ the shattering glass.
Allow this moment to be a Force Function to ask deeper questions and ensure that your choices are leading you to fulfillment as you correct your trajectory for year end 2013.
Please take a “pause” to listen to the earnest words of Men At Work’s Colin Hay, here in “Waiting for my Real Life to Begin”

1) #recalibration: Impact is Not an Option my nudge via @HuffPostBiz

2) #recalibration: Map of Meaning by @SayBrookU (text at link, diagram below)


3) #recalibration: Finding that Ever Elusive Balance a reflection by @dramitinspires & myself

4) #recalibration: An invitation to practice The Art of Letting Go by @tonyschwartz 

5) #recalibration: An Invitation to Simplify:
The Laws of Subtraction : How to Innovate in the Age of Excess Everything by @MatthewEMay

6) #recalibration: Finding meaning with contemporary application of philosophy with @timrayner01

7) #recalibration: Find your Fierce Resolve (pdf) insight from Jim Collins via @level5leaders

8) #recalibration: Manage Your Energy Not Your Time by @tonyschwartz

9) #recalibration: Finding courage for depth to avoid The Flight from Conversation with @sturkle

& her must see TED Talk: Connected But Alone

10) #recalibration: Four Questions to Guide a Life by @ericbestonline

In the rigor,
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Jennifer Sertl is an internationally respected author, keynote speaker & the president and founder ofAgility3R. Agility3R is a training and development company dedicated to strengthen strategic and critical thinking skills. As a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness she uses neuroscience and existential philosophy to inspire leaders. Jennifer’s book Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, published by Triarchy Press in the UK provides an innovation model that integrates personal development and business strategy.

Most recently she was a speaker at the Asian Banker Summit in Bangkok, Thailand and at Sibos in Osaka, Japan discussing leadership, globalization and innovation.
Jennifer runs a business simulation strategy game called Interplay™ that facilitates awareness and personal accountability focused upon quantifying intangible assets and human capital.
Caring very deeply about the intersection between human values and technology, she is a strategic advisor to Washington, DC’s think tank Center for Policy and Emerging Technology (C-PET). She was also included in documentary Well-Being In the Digital Age produced by @RDigitaLIFE.
Jennifer has three children ranging in age from kindergarten to high school and is active in her community. She holds dual majors in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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